The cooling company

save lives

We went to a lot of hot places. Because of the heat we spent a lot of time thinking about clever ways to cool ourselves down. After hearing about people dying of heat illness at events we attended, we got serious.

After countless hours toiling in our laboratory we emerged triumphant with brand-new technology, never seen before…

sarcura - cell therapy solutions

cure cancer

Sarcura develops a machine platform for the large scale, GMP manufacturing of personalized cell therapies.


feed the world

Franz founded this start up some years back. now it has developed the most modern algae productions system in the world.


ecovillage hainburg

stay with us

we offer various accommodations on airbnb in the summer. You can stay in one of our self-built tiny homes on wheels.


protect nature

the big island of hawaii is like a second home to us. in 2018 we bought a piece of ocean front property and declared it a private costal forest preserve in order to protect the natural environment.


question everything

We founded this association to help to raise awareness of environmental and social issues and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in our local community in Lower Austria. 

the garden

share ressources

our private garden in Hainburg is very big and we like to do lots of fun stuff there and share it with all sorts of people. 

cnc-austria - art residency

create beauty

together with skillful artists from all over the world, we create amazing things with our cnc-laser.

honua holding

share ressources

we have a warehouse in hainburg. as we can barely use all the space all the time,  some of it is rentable as a storage area.


you spinn me right round...

we are building merry go round platforms 

tiny homes austria

humane housing

we are building afordable and cozy tiny homes from sustainable materials.

heros rentals

share ressources

as franz has managed to collect a huge assembly of machines over the years, we have decided to share them as well through renting some of them